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Nov 27, 2012 7:30pm PST
russia ten years ago and i went to see a lot of films there. they all seemed to be war movies-- world war ii movies with love stories intertwined and you'd be watching a very nice movie and then suddenly there'd be a tacked on ending that would seem really sort of opportunistic sort of corny music, a lot of shoot-'em-up and the difference with an american film was that in the russian movie all the heroes died. all the people you've followed the whole movie died. then there was noise and we thought it was chuckling because it was so ridiculous-- this nice movie with a ridiculous ending and they weren't chuckling or laughing, they were crying. and it's going back to the old days of silent films when they'd make the russian ending-- which was a sad ending and the american ending, which would be the happy ending. and if we're talking about the hollywood style "le happy end" is part of it. both joan, for example, and whit and actually perhaps, to some extent, all of you have created films with a collective protagonist rather than your basic hero or heroine. i'm thinking, to what extent is
Nov 8, 2012 7:30pm PST
power of saying, "no, we're not taking any more land. but oh, this group from russia has come in, or this group of jews have come in. i'm sorry, but we're taking this mountain." i mean, we heard over and over, "you see that community up there on that hill? well, a year ago, that was arab territory." there's still this business of, "sorry, you have to move on." and when you think about the situation of the indigenous peoples of this continent and how, "well, here's your reservation. no, i'm going to move further"- they're still getting pushed around, and that's messing with their mind, ethically. yeah, janet? >> right now what they're doing, i think, is they're refusing construction permits for palestinian houses, so you can't add a room addition on to your house while they're building those new subdivisions for the other people. so they're squeezing them that way- they're saying, "well, we don't care if your son or daughter got married and now you need more- no, you can't build onto your house." >> and as virginia said, it's not having rights, and without rights, you can't obey your
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)